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Ben Chilwell Chelsea: Robust Defensive Midfielder

Ben Chilwell Chelsea: Given his quickness, intuition, and situational awareness, he is among the top left-backs in the world.

If you are a football fan, you may have noticed him – a key component of Chelsea’s unavoidable victory in the UEFA Champions League in 2021. Despite having an injury that sidelined him for the first half of the 2021/22 year, he appears to be well and back on the field. 

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Ben Chilwell Chelsea Profile Summary

Chilwell profile

Ben Chilwell Chelsea is a professional footballer who plays in the position of defender, or left-back for the Blues and the England national team. He always makes the match more exciting and fiery.

Full name Benjamin James Chilwell
Date of birth21st December 1996
Height1.78 m (5ft 10in)
Weight77 kg

Ben Chilwell Current Teams

Professional Chilwell footballer competes for Chelsea FC and the England national team. He has persisted in bringing a hotter side to the match as a left-back defender at the English club. His entering the Blues resulted in both continental and global benefits for the club.

He formerly played for teams like Rushden & Diamonds and Leicester City before attending the Blues in 2020. He moved to Huddersfield Town on the loan while he was still at Leicester.

The footballer has scored three goals in as many attempts since joining the London team in August 2020. If the team’s recent victories are evidence, many people view him as a true asset.

Ben Chilwell Height and Weight

Ben Chilwell Height

The footballer is 180 cm tall and 78 kg or 171 pounds in weight. He is considered one of the best left-backs in the world with his quick feet and intuitiveness. In him, we can see strong assertiveness when defending. Hopefully, this player will win more titles with the team and avoid injuries

Ben Chilwell Chelsea Wage, Net worth, and Transfer Fee

On August 26, 2020, he joined The Blue for a five-year contract worth $70 million, making him one of the highest-paid players. He has claimed that this was reasonable because he came to Stamford Bridge because of how difficult the local derbies are to maintain the team’s standing in the rankings.

Chilwell’s net worth skyrocketed after moving to Stamford Bridge with 45 million dollars. He has a net worth of £17 million because of his successful professional career football player.

As of May 2021, his trade value is estimated to be €45 million. With such exceptional football abilities, being at the peak of his career as a footballer and being a highly promising player in FIFA 21 has increased his market worth.

Up to now, the best Chelsea defender was one of the most crucial factors in the football club. He is a modern full-back with excellent technique and the ability to recover with pace in defensive transition. With his outstanding skills, he has emerged as a player who can contribute in every area of the field.

Football Career

Achievements and Individual Awards


  • Runner-up: FA Cup in 2020/21
  • UEFA Champions League in 2020/21
  • UEFA Super Cup in 2021

England National team

  • 3rd place: UEFA Nations League 2018/19
  • Runner-up: UEFA European Championship 2020


  • The squad of the Season: UEFA Champions League 2020/21.

Chilwell Stats


News and Rumors 

Chelsea Chilwell Family

Ben Chilwell Chelsea was born on the 21st day of December 1996 in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. However, his family roots are in New Zealand.

Chilwell’s grandfather is Guy Shuttleworth who was also an international amateur footballer. His grandpa used to play for the Corinthian-Casuals, one of the teams in the Isthmian leagues. Shuttleworth also excelled in cricket and played for Lancashire.

His father is Wayne Chilwell who is originally from New Zealand. His father maintains a strong Kiwi ancestry which is associated with the island nation and influenced his childhood. He was initially interested in rugby before discovering football and then introduced it to his parents.

Who is Ben Chilwell Sister? He has a sister, but no one knows her name.

Ben Chilwell Girlfriend

Many fans around the world are curious about his girlfriend or wife. There is no official information about his relationships, but recently, he was spotted hand-in-hand with TV star Holly Scarfone outside a plush LA restaurant.

You may hear the name “Joanna Chimonides Ben Chilwell” before right? In fact, the player and Joanna Chimonides were dating, however, they broke up then.

Ben Chilwell gay

There is no information that he is gay. Thus, it is safe to confirm that this football player’s sexual orientation is straight.

When he was still a Leicester City member, he stated his support for LGBT football players, claiming that if one of his teammates came out as gay, nothing would change. And as we mentioned, he was rumored to date TV star Holly Scarfone.

Mental Health

Football players rarely talk about their experiences with mental health. They frequently adopt an alpha male persona, showing no symptoms of vulnerability that their rivals could exploit.

Marcus Rashford is a perfect example of how they can use their platform to improve society, but many keep quiet about matters like these.

But not him. On October 29, 2020, the summer signing for Chelsea revealed on Twitter about a trying time in the hopes that it might encourage others to be similarly honest about their emotions. 

Chelsea Ben Chilwell Tattoo

Ben Chilwell Tattoo

As the 1,235th player symbolizes his nation, the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 are stitched on his red Three Lions helmet, just under his left knee.

There are also the letters “Halfway There” on his left forearm.

On his right forearm is a picture of the Champions League cup, which he won with Chelsea back in 2021. Has he made room for a prospective Premier League championship and World Cup, though?

Does Chilwell Chelsea have dogs?

When Ben is taking a well-earned break from his profession as a top-flight football player, it seems that his two dogs in London are always ready for a snuggle.

Played for Leicester City

Ben Chilwell Chelsea started his career at Rushden and Diamonds before moving on to Leicester City academy in 2009. This player then won the Academy player of the year at the end of the 2014/2015 season.

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