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10 best Chelsea players of all time – [2023 Updated]

Best Chelsea players are the topic that most football fans care about. They are the factors that contribute to creating a valuable feat in the match. Indeed, all players have their highlights and remarkable points.

In the following article, we will provide you with information about the top 10 Chelsea best players ever!

Top 10 best Chelsea players ever

best Chelsea players ever

The best Chelsea player is the most important factor contributing to the club’s high ranking in the world football scene. They are the people who unite with their teammates to create resounding goals. The origin of the Chelsea Football Club was when businessman Gus Mears bought Stamford Bridge to build a football stadium.

Through generations of players, the Blues is proud and does not forget to remember the gratitude of veteran legends.

Here is the list of Chelsea players with the best performances of all time.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard - best Chelsea players

On this of the top 10 Chelsea legends, Frank Lampard is the No.1. He was rated as the outstanding midfielder at that time. A former midfielder who has achieved many successes in major matches in the world. He always shines throughout his career journey. In him, football fans feel like warriors full of strength and good skills.

Here are some of Frank Lampard’s admirable achievements

    • Won the English Premier League for 3 seasons: 2004 – 2005, 2005 – 2006, 2009 – 2010
    • Won the English Super Cup for 2 seasons in 2005 and 2009
    • Won the English League Cup for 2 seasons 2004 – 2005, 2006 – 2007
    • Won FA Cup 4 seasons in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012
    • Champion of Champions League 2012
    • Winner of the C2 Cup in 2013

Frank Lampard is a legendary player that generations of young players need to learn a lot from.

John Terry

John Terry

One of the best Chelsea players can not help but mention player John Terry. He was one of the Chelsea best defenders in the world during his prime. During his football career, he has held many different positions: professional English football coach, and great midfielder. Besides, he used to be the captain of the England club.

It is the unique highlights of this player that to this day, he is still mentioned in the hearts of the fans. He is an enthusiastic captain with a good fighting spirit. The achievements this good player has with the team stand out as follows:

  • UEFA Champions League: 2011-12
  • English Premier League Football League for 5 seasons: 2004–05, 2005–06, 2009-10, 2014-15, 2016-17
  • FA Cup for 5 seasons: 2000, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012
  • English Football League Cup for 3 seasons: 2004-05, 2006-07, 2014-15
  • British Super Cup for 2 seasons: 2005, 2009
  • UEFA Europa League: 2012-13

Gianfranco Zola

Gianfranco Zola - best Chelsea players since 2010

He became the best Chelsea player ever and was a major influence on this football club during the brilliant period of his career (1996 – 2003). During his time at the Blues, what Zola left behind is not only goals but also performances full of art and very emotional.

The arrival of Gianfranco Zola as a new journey brought the football club many things worth mentioning in football. When Chelsea first competed in the Champions League in 1999-2000, Zola was still a key player and had a high track record with three goals and the same level as Chelsea through the group stage.

In the quarter-finals, Zola contributed a beautiful goal and a free-kick to help the club win 3-1. His skill and ability to take free kicks were quickly surprised and delighted by the football fans, who were eager to enjoy the edgy play of the former Italian.

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Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba - Greatest Chelsea Players of All Time

Didier Drogba is the Chelsea best player ever and is mentioned by many fans. For nearly two decades, Drogba has completed the position of the most perfect striker in the world, a player who uses simple movements but can attack opponents with brilliant shots. Perhaps, what made him famous is bringing about the true mission of football which is to connect with people. He had his achievements as a Chelsea player:

  • Premier League (x4)
  • FA Cup (x4)
  • League Cup (x3)
  • Champions League

Petr Cech

Petr Cech - Best Chelsea Players of All Time

Petr Cech was on the Chelsea goalkeeper list in 2004. He then became an influential part of the club’s success in the UEFA Champions League.

Under José Mourinho in 2004/05, Cech’s exploits contributed to the Blues’ success in the Premier League. Here are some of the goalkeeper’s notable achievements:

  • Premier League (x4)
  • FA Cup (x4)
  • League Cup (x3)
  • Champions League and Europa League

Dennis Wise

Dennis Wise

Dennis Wise is the best Chelsea player. One of the greatest defenders of his generation, Desailly brought many achievements to the Blues. The French legend spent 150 matches in the Blues shirt. He helped the club win the FA Cup and win the English Super Cup twice.

Ron Harris

Ron Harris - best player in Chelsea

This stalwart defender is a former English footballer who played for the Blues in the 1960s and 1970s. Harris is known to be one of the best Chelsea legends players of his generation and also one of Chelsea all time appearances.

Fans will never forget the image of Ron Harris in the 1970 FA Cup final as a leader with a high fighting spirit. In addition, he also has the FA Cup, League Cup, and European Cup Winners’ Cup achievements.

Peter Osgood

Peter Osgood Chelsea Player

Osgood was the best player at Chelsea. His style of play is a perfect combination of technique and intelligence to handle situations skillfully. He scored 150 goals in 380 appearances for the club. In particular, he scored a goal to create a championship record for the Blues in the 1970 FA Cup and first won the UEFA Europa League.

Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Hazard is the last player on our list of best Chelsea players of all time that we want to share with you today. He is known for his creative ability, dribbling, and passing the ball to make it impossible for the opponent to determine the direction. Hazard’s achievements at Chelsea have contributed to Chelsea’s reputation in the world: 2014–15 season, win the League Cup and Premier League, Premier League (x2), FA Cup, and League Cup.

N’Golo Kanté

NGolo Kante - best chelsea players 2022

N’Golo Kante is one of the best Chelsea players 2022 with a lot of grace. This midfielder plays in the central midfield position. His success is due to his good positional sense, his ability to move around the field, and his ability to calculate each possible outcome of the game.

The French player has always stood out because of his intelligence and right attitude. The special thing is that he has not received a red card during his years playing in England.

This good player has been named invaluable at Chelsea with high honors:

  • Premier League: 2016–17
  • FA Cup: 2017–18; runner-up: 2016–17, 2019–20, 2020–21
  • UEFA Europa League: 2018–19
  • EFL Cup runner-up: 2018–19

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Best Chelsea players since 2010

Have you ever wondered who are the greatest players at The Blues from 2010 to 2022? After the turn of the century, the Blues suddenly rose to prominence. They won their first Premier League titles between 2004 and 2006 and reached the Champions League cup in 2012 and 2021. So who are the greatest Chelsea players in this period? Let’s find out!

Petr CechGoalkeeper2004 – 2015
Frank LampardMidfielder2001 – 2014
John TerryCentre-Back2000 – 2017
Branislav IvanovicRight-back2008 – 2017
Gary CahillCentre-Back2012 – 2019
Eden HazardLeft Winger2012 – 2019
Cesar AzpilicuetaRight-back2012 – now
N’Golo KantéDefensive Midfield2016 – now

Above are the top 10 best Chelsea players of all time. They all contributed to creating the powerful Chelsea it is today. If you are interested in relevant information about Chelsea and your favorite players. Follow us – at Chelsea FC players for more exciting information.

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