Chelsea biggest loss

7 Chelsea biggest loss of all time [2022 UPDATED]

Chelsea Football Club, a powerhouse in English football, boasts an illustrious history filled with remarkable achievements. However, even the most successful clubs have experienced their fair share of defeats. In this article, we delve into Chelsea biggest loss, shining a light on the matches that left an indelible mark on the club’s history.

Chelsea biggest losses of all time

We all know that The Blues is one of the leading London clubs with uncountable records. But now let’s get down to the list of Chelsea worst losses ever.

1. Wolves 8-1 Chelsea (Sep/1953)

Wolves 8-1 Chelsea - Chelsea biggest defeats

The 1953–54 season was Chelsea’s fortieth competitive season. In September, The Blues lost 8–1 to Wolverhampton Wanderers. This remained the club’s biggest defeat in a league match. End of the season, the club finished 8th in the First Division and was knocked out in the third round of the FA Cup.

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2. Nottingham 7-0 Chelsea (April/1991)

Nottingham Forest 7-0 Chelsea (April 1991)

The other most significant loss was the match against Nottingham at the City Ground at the end of the 1990/91 season. At that time, Roy Keane was the one who opened and closed the scoring.

By the end of the season, there would only be eight points between the two teams. This result finally was the beginning of the end for manager Bobby Campbell, who was replaced the following month.

3. Man City 6-0 Chelsea (Feb/2019)

Man City 6-0 Chelsea 2019 - chelsea biggest loss to manchester city

Chelsea biggest loss to Manchester City is in 2019 with 6-0 during Maurizio Sarri’s season in charge.

Consecutive errors from the Blues gave City the advantage, to the top on their way to winning the title. The duo Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling ran riot, bagging a hat trick and a brace respectively.

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4. Man Utd 6-0 Chelsea (Dec/1960)

Man Utd 6-0 Chelsea 1960

Back as far as the 1960/61 season, the football star Bobby Charlton-led Manchester United ran riot at Old Trafford stadium on Boxing Day. And finally, Man Utd thumped 6-0 against The Blues.

After that match, the English club replaced their manager and Tommy Docherty was appointed in 1961. In fact, it wasn’t a memorable season for both sides – it was Spurs who would run away with the top division crown that year.

5. Barcelona 5-0 Chelsea (May/1966)

Barcelona 5-0 Chelsea 1966

When it comes to Chelsea biggest defeats of all time, it’s hard not to mention the game The Blues against Barca.
After drawing 2-2 over both legs of the 1966 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup semi-final, however, Barcelona was in no mood for another tight encounter.

In fact, football in the 60s used to be as much different as the present. A third and final replay between the two sides will be the match to determine the winner after playing over two legs in European competitions.

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6. Stoke City 6-2 Chelsea (Oct/1974)

Chelsea worst defeat

One of Chelsea worst defeats ever came on against Stock City. Back in the 1974/75 Football League Cup tournament, a winner was decided after playing three replays at League Cup ties.
And for the third time asking, Stoke City annihilated The Blues by 6-2 to advance to the last 16.

7. Chelsea 2-6 Nottingham (Sep/1986)

Chelsea's Biggest Ever Defeats

The last Chelsea FC biggest loss in this list is the Blue’s match against Nottingham. The Blues was in the embryonic stages of becoming a half-decent side in the mid-1980s and Nottingham Forest was quite good. The Blues then got a historic smash in the early days of the 1986/87 season by 6-2 from Nottingham.

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What is Chelsea biggest loss 2022?

  • Chelsea 1-4 Brentford

Chelsea worst loss 2022 is the match between Chelsea vs Brentford. The Blues Chelsea fell 4-1 to local rivals Brentford in the London derby at Stamford Bridge on Saturday in the 2021/2022 Premier League season. The Thomas Tuchel-led side paid the price for a lousy performance in front of their fans as Brentford secured a memorable win. This was arguably their biggest since winning promotion back to the Premier League back in August.

What is Chelsea biggest loss 2023?

  • Manchester City 4-0 Chelsea (FA Cup)

In a highly anticipated clash during the third round of the FA Cup, Chelsea Football Club suffered a significant setback against Manchester City. With a commanding 4-0 victory, Manchester City demonstrated their prowess over Chelsea, securing their third consecutive win over Graham Potter’s side within a span of just two months.

What is Chelsea biggest loss in Premier League?

Chelsea biggest loss in EPL came against Manchester City in a 6-0 loss at The Etihad on 10 February 2019.

Sergio Aguero scored a hat-trick, Raheem Sterling grabbed a brace, and Ilkay Gundogan scored the other. The result then was the beginning of the end for Maurizio Sarri at Stamford Bridge.

What is Chelsea biggest loss in Champions League?

The heaviest loss of The Blues in the Champions League is the game against Barcelona with a 5-1 loss after extra time.


Here is the list of Chelsea biggest loss they ever suffered in their history. Chelsea FC’s history is a tapestry of triumphs and defeats, with the latter offering valuable lessons and shaping the club’s evolution. These memorable losses highlight the resilience and determination required to bounce back stronger. While the wounds of defeat may linger, they serve as a reminder of the club’s unwavering spirit.

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