Chelsea Fastest Player 2023

Top 6 Chelsea Fastest Player 2023 – Updated

Speed makes a whole lot of difference on the ground, have you ever wondered who is Chelsea fastest player?

In football, speed is more than just about running around the field at a fast pace, it’s about the capability of maintaining the full pace for the whole game. Now, let’s find out who is the fastest player in Chelsea!

Top 6 fastest player in Chelsea 2023

1. Raheem Sterling – 35.25 km/h

Raheem Sterling - fastest player in Chelsea

Raheem Sterling Chelsea is the fastest player in Chelsea this season with a top speed of 35.25 km/h. The player excels in any position across the front three or just behind a central striker. The England international’s attacking prowess has produced outstanding numbers in recent seasons, including 25 goals in the 2021/22 season as City regains the domestic crown and progresses to the Champions League semi-finals.

On 7 February 2021, Sterling reached his 100th goal against Liverpool for his former team Man City under Pep Guardiola. He later won the Premier League Player of the Month award for December 2021.

2. Kai Havertz- 35.02 km/h

Kai Havertz

The second fastest Chelsea player 2023 is Kai Havertz with a top speed of 35.02 km/h or 21.7 mph. Havertz signed a five-year contract with the Blues in 2020 for a free transfer. The German is comfortable with the ball on either foot and adept with his head.

Havertz is technically gifted, during his formative years, he has had numerous impressive performances. he is well-known as a talented player who prefers finding spaces in congested areas and making the right runs. In the UEFA Champions League Final 2022, he scored the only goal of the game and it was his first-ever goal in UCL.

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3. Mateo Kovačić – 34.62 km/h

Mateo Kovacic - fastest Chelsea player 2022

The next fastest Chelsea player in 2023 is Mateo Kovačić, a Croatian soccer player. Kovacic played for top clubs like Real Madrid and The Blues as a midfielder. He is well-known for being a strong player in his role.

Kovačić is a great technician with excellent dribbling abilities who has played in different midfield positions. One of his impressive play styles is dropping deep to take the ball and then driving forward.

The player has been clocked at 34.62 km/h, a very high speed. In the 2022 Champions League, Mateo Kovačić played 4 matches for a total of 295 minutes. He has covered a distance of 35.86 meters and scored a total of 0 goals and given assists.

5. Reece James – 33.71 km/h

Reece James

When it comes to emerging player potential, Reece James has a strong future for the national team with 33.71 km/h of speed. He played 6 matches for a total of 505 minutes in the 2022 Champions League, covering a distance of 54.59 meters. In these games, he has scored a total of 1 goal and given assists

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6. Christian Pulisic – 32.60 kph

Christian Pulisic - Chelsea fastest player

Christian Pulisic is known for his explosive pace and is one of the quickest players at Stamford Bridge right now. He has the talent to pass through defenders and run inside the box. This is a great trait in the modern game

The USA international has played 7 football games for a total of 367 minutes in the 2022 Champions League. He covered a distance of 47.30 meters. In these 7 football matches, the USA player has scored 1 goal and provided 1 assist.


The article above is about Chelsea fastest player in 2023. Currently Raheem Sterling is the fastest player at Stamford Bridge with a top speed of 35.25 km/h. For more interesting news and information, follow us at Chelsea FC Players.

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