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Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Transfer News: According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Chelsea will conduct direct negotiations with Benfica about the transfer of Enzo Fernandez. Also according to this news expert, Enzo Fernandez has agreed to join the London team right in January. All that remains now is the negotiation between the two clubs about the details of the transfer contract.

Benfica agrees to sell Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea?

Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Transfer News

A few days ago, Chelsea reached an agreement to sign Enzo Fernandez for 127 million euros. Despite spending a lot to recruit Enzo Fernandez, the Blues will not pay the full amount of this midfielder’s transfer once. Journalist Gianluca Di Marzio said that the Stamford Bridge team would pay Enzo Fernandez’s contract in installments. The Blues must pay the Enzo Fernandez deal in installments to avoid violating UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Law.

According to the agreement, Chelsea will pay Benfica in 3 times in the next 3 transfer windows. For each installment, the London team will pay more than 37 million pounds.

Previously, the Argentinian midfielder reached an agreement with the Stamford Bridge team. He also spoke directly to Benfica about his desire to move to The Blues.

The price that Chelsea is willing to spend is £105 million to convince Benfica to release, this is also the amount of money that activates Enzo Fernandez’s release clause. However, the London team is trying to convince Benfica to agree to pay in installments.

Benfica recruited the 21-year-old midfielder for a fee of £ 16 million (including variable fees) from River Plate 6 months ago (June 2022). According to the agreement, this Argentine team is entitled to 25% of the contract value of Enzo Fernandez.

However, the above deal has not been completed because of a number of problems. Specifically, even though Benfica agreed to sell Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea, he wanted to keep him until the end of the 2022/23 season before he let go.

The Blues side, of course, disagrees when they are urgently in need of additional personnel in the winter transfer window to improve their performance after the recent unsuccessful period of play.

Negotiations between Chelsea and Benfica are still ongoing. Before that, Enzo Fernandez even put pressure on Benfica by dropping out of practice to leave.

If the deal is successful, Enzo Fernandez will become the most expensive player in Chelsea’s history. Currently, the contract with the highest transfer value of the London team is Romelu Lukaku (£97.5 million).

How Good is Enzo Fernandez Chelsea?

Enzo Fernandez’s name is as famous as alcohol after the 2022 World Cup. Making a big impression in the tournament in Qatar, the Argentine player won the title of Best Young Player.

Witnessing what Enzo Fernandez showed, a series of big European teams, typically Premier League clubs, immediately rushed into the race to recruit Benfica’s midfielder. Typically among these are the big three Liverpool, Man United, and Chelsea.

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