7 Famous Chelsea fans – Bill Clinton on the list?

Famous Chelsea fans – The Blues is one of the top football clubs in English and in the football world. The Blues has a strong fan base including stars, politicians, and whoever loves football.

According to many sources, former US President – Bill Clinton, famous chef Gordon Ramsay, and former striker Peter Crouch are all big fans of this English club. Let’s find out more Chelsea celebrity fans today!

7 celebrities that support Chelsea

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton - Famous Chelsea fans

According to the Daily Star, former US President – Bill Clinton – often went to Stamford Bridge to watch the Blues players play during his time at Oxford University, England, in the 1960s. His only daughter is named to the English club but not after the football team name. Some sources say that Bill Clinton’s daughter was named after her parents’ Christmas trip to Chelsea, London in 1978.

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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

You may know Ramsay, but have no idea he is one of the famous Chelsea supporters. Before becoming one of the most famous chefs in the world, Gordon Ramsay tried and trained at Scotland’s Rangers Club. However, The Blues is the team he loves.

The chef, born in 1966, often wears the traditional shirt of the Blues and goes to Stamford Bridge to cheer when he can. He also passed on his love of the English club to his children. In the photo, Gordon Ramsay (black shirt) stands next to his son shaking hands with John Terry – the legendary captain of the Blues in a game many years ago.

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Tim Lovejoy – Famous Chelsea fans

Tim Lovejoy - celebrities that support chelsea

The former Soccer AM presenter is also one of the celebrities that support Chelsea for many years. Tim Lovejoy has expressed his love for The Blues since starring on the TV show in 1996.

At this point Tim Lovejoy is an important member of the fan club, he has come a long way in his career when he transitions from football to cooking shows and is a star. star on Sunday Brunch.

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Nigella Lawson 

Nigella Lawson - Famous Chelsea supporters

Nigella Lawson is truly a big fan of the team owner Stamford Bridge. She always counts the days to watch her beloved match at Stamford Bridge once again despite being in the limelight for the wrong reasons.

She is receiving a lot of criticism for her controversial split with advertising guru Charles Saatchi, but the TV chef hopes that she can put it behind her and really focus on cooking and football ahead of the new season.

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Frank Khalid – Entrepreneur

Frank Khalid - chelsea celebrity fans

Khalid is an astute businessman who owns three different businesses across the United Kingdom including Elbrook Cash And Carry, Chak89 Restaurant, and West London Film Studios. The Brit is one of the most famous Chelsea fans, who hardly misses any match.

Recently, he invited the talented defender Emerson Palmieri to Elbrook Cash and Carry. Besides, he does have a picture he took with some past and present players at Stamford Bridge.

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Will Ferrell – Comedian/Actor

Will Ferrell - famous chelsea supporters

Comedy actor Will Ferrell is known for his roles in Anchorman, Blades Of Glory, and Step Brothers. He is a big fan of the Blues in the US.

When the Blues toured the United States last year, the lovable, frizzy-haired comedian is just like other American fans who came to watch the Chelsea match. And Will Ferrell posed with movie star Zach Galifianakis while the Blues toured through different states.

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Geri Halliwell – Ex-Spice Girls Member

Geri Halliwell

One of Chelsea celebrity fans is the former member of the famous Spice Girls girl group – Geri Halliwell. She was spotted with her friend Christine Bleakley at a Blues game a long time ago. According to the Daily Mail, Halliwell has a close relationship with MC Christine Bleakley – the wife of former midfielder Frank Lampard. She was extremely ecstatic when Frank Lampard scored in that game.

Geri Halliwell has been heavily criticized for becoming a Chelsea fan after Chairman Roman Abramovich took over the Blues. And some view her as simply a token fan, not a true one since she was born in Hertfordshire, not London.


That is all about famous Chelsea fans. It is difficult to list all the celebrities that support Chelsea when the number of fans is still increasing daily. Isn’t it interesting to know celebrities who support The Blues? To update more information like this, quickly follow Chelsea FC Players today!

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