Frank Lampard lost his third game in a row with Chelsea

Frank Lampard lost his third game in a row with Chelsea

Chelsea continues to struggle under the leadership of Frank Lampard. The London-based team suffered their third consecutive defeat, losing 2-1 to Brighton at Stamford Bridge.

Frank Lampard lost his third game in a row with Chelsea

Frank Lampard took over as interim coach of Chelsea after the team sacked Graham Potter. However, the club legend has yet to find a way to salvage his former team as Chelsea continues to lose matches.

After losing to Wolves 0-1 last weekend and 0-2 to Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Chelsea lost 1-2 at home to Brighton in the 31st round of the Premier League. It’s worth noting that Chelsea opened the scoring, but they failed to earn even a point.

Brighton dominated the game as the away team, controlling the ball 58% of the time and having 26 shots on goal, while Chelsea only had 42% possession and a mere 8 shots on goal. The significant difference in statistics shows that Chelsea played poorly even on their home ground.

Chelsea had to play on the counter-attack against Brighton’s strength. In the 13th minute, Gallagher took a shot from outside the penalty area, and the ball bounced off a Brighton player’s leg, flying beyond the reach of goalkeeper Sanchez and into the net. The away team’s goalkeeper seemed to be blinded by the sun and reacted slowly, resulting in a conceded goal.

Brighton continued to play very strongly after conceding a goal, continuously taking shots that forced goalkeeper Kepa to work hard. However, it wasn’t until the 42nd minute that the away team scored an equalizer. Welbeck moved cleverly and headed the ball into the net from about 5 meters away after a cross from Gross. The ball hit the edge of the post before flying into the net, so Kepa just stood and watched.

In the second half, Brighton continued to pressure the home team. In the 60th minute, Enciso was very quick on the left flank, stealing the ball from Chelsea’s helpless players. Enciso’s shot hit the crossbar in the middle of the penalty area, and Welbeck followed up with a rebound shot that flew over the crossbar.

In the 66th minute, Enciso took a decisive shot from the middle, aiming for the top left corner of the goal. It was a powerful left-footed shot with a high degree of difficulty, and Kepa threw himself but could not make the save.

Despite being behind, Chelsea couldn’t come back, and they failed to impress in the final minutes of the game. As a result, they had to bitterly accept the defeat at their home ground. This is the 12th loss for The Blues in the Premier League this season, and they only have 39 points after 31 matches played.

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