Who is Chelsea left back?

Chelsea left back: Top 3 best left-back of all time

Chelsea left back are the warriors with an effective support role with the goalkeeper to prevent the opponent from scoring. They play an important part in creating the history of the Blues championship. The following article will let us know more about the list of players who keep the left-back position in the team squad.

List of Chelsea FC left back 2022

Throughout a lofty career, the left-back defender is an important position in the squad. The Blues are famous for their top-notch tactics from the time of Abromovich to the present. There is no doubt that this club won the championship while formidable opponents were eager to fight.

So here is the table of current Chelsea left backs in 2022:

PlayerContractAge (2022)NationalityMarket value
Ben ChilwellJun 30, 202525England€38M
Marc CucurellaJun 30, 202824Spain€55M

Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell player

This next name is a vital element in left-sided defenders. That’s the player Ben Chilwell. He is known as the defender who owns the most expensive transfer ever. In the first 2019/20 season, he proved himself worthy of the generous recruitment of “boss” The Blues. Moreover, Chilwell is highly appreciated by the media and football critics for his outstanding defensive ability compared to Chelsea’s left-back force.

In comparison, Ben Chilwell is perhaps the best Chelsea left back of his time. Let’s take a look at some of his notable achievements.

  • The Blue: FA Cup (2020/21); UEFA Champions League (2020/21); UEFA Super Cup (2021)
  • England National team: 3rd UEFA Nations League (2018/19); UEFA European Championship (2020)
  • Individual: UEFA Champions League (2020/21)

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Marc Cucurella

Marc Cucurella - Chelsea FC left backs

On 5 August 2022, Cucurella signed with The Blue on a 6-year contract from Brighton & Hove Albion. The transfer fee was a record number: €65.3 Million. This also means that he is in the top 10 of Chelsea most expensive signings and the most expensive defender in history.

Who is the best Chelsea left back of all time?

When visualizing The Blue legends, the best Chelsea left backs are the players who have worn the shirt of the team that fought on the left-wing corridor in the Premier League tournaments. Who will be the best in this position? The facts about them will far exceed the expectations of our generation.

PlayerContractAge (2022)PositionNationality
Ashley Cole2006–201441Left-backEngland
Graeme Le Saux(1989–1993) (1997–2003)53Left-backEngland
Eddie McCreadie(1962–1973) (1975–1977)82Left-backScottish

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Indeed, Ashley Cole is a former Chelsea left back with great influence on the squad. He has had a journey of dedication to the Blues since 2006. During this period, the defensive legend had the opportunity to fight in the top football scene in London. A talented former defender no one can compare to him. Cole has achieved some great achievements over the years, especially X2 being named The Blue’s player of the year.

Graeme Le Saux

Graeme Le Saux

Besides defender Cole’s eight years of dedication, Graeme Le Saux was a left-back who played for The Blue in two different periods: (1989–1993) and (1997–2003). He was also an excellent left-back at the time, with an inquisitive spirit and a professional defense.

Eddie McCreadie

Eddie McCreadie - Best Chelsea left backs

Finally, Eddie is one of the former defenders. His talent is recognized as a leader in leading the ball ahead of his time. At that time, the appearance of Eddie as a “baffle” made the opponent wary.

Overall, The Blues always select the best players in the left-back row. As we know, from famous legends to young rookies, they share the same will to fight in the journey to conquer the prestigious championship with The Blue.

The above article has also briefly reviewed the list of Chelsea left back. If you are interested in this London football team, then follow our other articles on Football Players Chelsea.

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