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Chelsea wingers 2023: Right winger & Left winger

Chelsea wingers are a vital part of the complete squad for the championship. For generations, warriors contributed with their crosses from the two sides of the pitch to set up goals for the forward.

The article below mentions not only the current Chelsea wingers in 2023 but also the top best wingers of all time. Follow along for more details!

Players playing as Chelsea wingers

The following is a list of The Blue players who play as wingers in 2023!

Christian Pulisic2019 to date23Right WingerUnited States 
Raheem Sterling202227Left WingerEngland

List of Chelsea right winger in 2023

Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic - Chelsea right wingers

No stranger, Chelsea Christian Pulisic is the first player on the list of Chelsea wingers in 2023. Pulisic inherited the football tradition from his family. Perhaps, this is to help the American right-winger have been realized and cultivated the present. The journey to The Blues in 2019 to date is like his destiny. Currently, the footballer becomes a bright warrior with the affectionate name “Captain America”.

Pulisic is also on the list of Chelsea most expensive signings of all time. Below are some of his achievements at Stamford Bridge:

  • UEFA Champions League (2020–21)
  • UEFA Super Cup 2021
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2021

List of Chelsea left winger 2023

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling - Chelsea left wingers

Besides the veteran wingers at the Blues, the appearance of Raheem Sterling Chelsea with a 5-year contract in 2022 attracted media attention. He officially holds the role of a left winger. Sterling can dribble and pass skillfully. Hopefully, he will create miracles in Chelsea’s defense and attack.

Top 5 best Chelsea wingers of all time

Throughout the career of the “champion” of the land of mist, players who wingers always leave a lot of experience for the younger generation by being agile in matches. Stay tuned for legends of all time!

Charlie Cooke

Charlie Cooke - best Chelsea right winger

In the 20th century, the great Charlie Cooke had an important contribution to the Blues’ goals. Indeed, the former winger always delivers excellent cross-time in matches. He is also an inspiration to young players in the prospect of mastering dribbling and superb passing skill. Cooke deserves the title of the best fake goalscorer in club history.

Pat Nevin

Pat Nevin

Besides the inherent aura of the previous generation, Pat Nevin was a former Chelsea winger with high prospects in the 1980s. Of course, a Scottish retired footballer. He received respect from the fans when he played seriously with a peaceful attitude on the pitch. Interestingly, the legendary winger was nicknamed “Wee Pat” because of his agility in his petite body.

Damien Duff

Damien Duff - best Chelsea right winger of all time

Damien Duff is probably the legend that left an impression at the beginning of the 21st century. The former Irishman, although only playing for the Blues for 3 years, he is the mainstay of the “wings” position. That time, Duff deserves his success at Stamford Bridge because he was a truly good player. 

Arjen Robben 

Arjen Robben 

Arjen Robben is the next name in the top 5 list of best Chelsea wingers of all time. The former Dutchman is known for his crystal feet that improvise with every situation of the ball. At that time, he possessed a unique strategy that was second to none. In particular, in his journey to play for The Blues, Robben has won the Premier League title with the respect of the fans.

Clive Walker

Clive Walker - Chelsea Wingers

Finally at Stamford Bridge, Clive Walker was still the best winger with fans by his performance on the pitch. He was with the Blues for 9 years with ups and downs from 1975 to 1984. Besides the outstanding achievements of that era, the number of 65 goals is worth mentioning about Walker’s talent when playing in West London.

The article about Chelsea wingers 2023 has also ended. Who is your best winger? If you love this club, follow our articles on Football Players Chelsea.

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