French Chelsea players

List of French Chelsea players in the Premier League

French players have left an indelible mark on Chelsea Football Club, enchanting fans with their unique style and showcasing their exceptional talent. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of French Chelsea players who have donned the iconic blue jersey of Chelsea. Join us as we delve into the careers, achievements, and contributions of these football legends.

Who are French Chelsea Players 2023?

For generations, the Blues’ owner has always favored the stars from France. Currently, the official The Blue squad to play in the 2022/23 EPL season has the presence of N’Golo Kanté. Moreover, Malang Sarr temporarily left The Blues to play on loan.

Malang Sarr (2020)

Malang Sarr - French Chelsea players

In comparison, Malang Sarr is one of the French players in Chelsea who has no official position at the Blues. Becoming one of Chelsea FC Players in 2020, he has been constantly sent to play for clubs: Porto and Monaco on loan.

Under Thomas Tuchel, the young player has not yet received credit at Stamford Bridge. He appeared a limited number of times in cases of substitutions due to injury or lack of people. Perhaps, the opportunity for player Sarr at the English club is not much, forcing him to find a new stop shortly.

N’Golo Kanté (2016)

N’Golo Kanté

As one of the best Chelsea players, there is no doubt that N’Golo Kanté is the most loved player at the Blues. Currently, the French midfielder has the opportunity to participate in almost all tournaments of the Blues. He possesses a professional style of playing and a calm attitude that makes many admirable goals.

Honestly, N’Golo Kanté is like a key card of the team when fighting on the field. This star is a player who represents that appearance is not everything, sometimes it is his smile that energizes teammates in stressful moments.

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Former Chelsea French players since 2010

Former The Blue players from 2010 to the present include Olivier Giroud, Florent Malouda, Tiemoué Bakayoko, Loic Remy, and Kurt Zouma.

Olivier Giroud (2018-2021)

Olivier Giroud - Chelsea french players

Starting the list of former French Chelsea players is Olivier Giroud. At that time, the striker was recruited with a poor contract of 18 million pounds. During his three-and-a-half-year stay at the Blues, he was named the top scorer for his hard work. Olivier Giroud is always enthusiastic and dedicated every time he appears in the main role on the pitch. 

Here are some of his accomplishments while playing for London: FA Cup (2017/18); UEFA Europa League (2018/19); UEFA Champions League (2020/21). In particular, the Frenchmen came with a record of scoring 11 goals in the Europa League (2018/19).

Florent Malouda (2007–2013)

Florent Malouda

Following that, Florent Malouda is one of the former French Chelsea Players from the early stages of football history. In the same generation, he did not stand out like the famous stars at Stamford Bridge but still impressed the fans forever. Throughout his dedication to the Blues, the legendary midfielder has an extremely peaceful attitude and strives to develop his career. 

During those years, he had some admirable achievements with 200 appearances. Let’s look back at his pride: Premier League (2009/10); X3 FA Cup (2008/09; 2009/10; 2011/12); FA Community Shield in 2009; UEFA Champions League (2011-12). Prominent among them is Chelsea’s Player of the Season (2009/10).

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Tiemoué Bakayoko (2017)

Tiemoué Bakayoko - French players at Chelsea

In the blue shirt of the West London club, Tiemoué Bakayoko is also from France. Perhaps, the midfielder had a short time compared to expectations when he arrived at Stamford Bridge. After playing for the national team for a year, he continuously joined the team: Milan (X2), Monaco, and Napoli on loan. Up to now, Bakayoko has appeared in 43 appearances for The Blues. In this era, the 28-year-old player rarely has any chance in the EPL.

Loic Remy (2014)

Loic Remy

Loic Remy is a Chelsea French player who plays in an attacking position for the Blues since signing a contract in 2014. But surprisingly, the striker faces the Blues’ bench more than the official position in matches. Impossible though, he is the star in the list of French players who play for the Blues only once in the starting XI in the Premier League. Honestly, the 35-year-old extreme scorer needs to have more opportunities to prove his talent.

Kurt Zouma (2014–2021)

Kurt Zouma

Of all the French players at Chelsea, Kurt Zouma is famous as the brightest midfielder of the Jose Mourinho era. During his 7 years with the Blues, he has earned himself worthy achievements, such as the (X2) Premier League title, (X1) Champions League, and (X1) English League Cup. Currently, the 28-year-old player has had a new turn at West Ham, but with expectations, he has not performed well. In addition, the player was involved in the “animal abuse” scandal that lost his image.

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Above is a list of French Chelsea players who play in the EPL. French players have made significant contributions to Chelsea’s storied history, leaving an everlasting impact on the club and its fans. From midfield maestros to lethal strikers, these players have brought joy, skill, and memorable moments to Stamford Bridge. As we celebrate their achievements, let us continue to support and applaud the French players who have graced Chelsea’s hallowed grounds.

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