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Cucurella transfer news: Moved to Chelsea with a huge transfer fee

Cucurella transfer news is a high temper topic in the summer transfer season of 2022. Passing the ranking of Ben Chilwell, the former Brighton star becomes the contract of the most expensive defender in The Blues’ history. The article below will tell you more about his information as well as his huge transfer fee.

Marc Cucurella Profile 

Marc Cucurella Profile 

Cucurella is considered transfer news which has a high following from Chelsea fans. The defender has the upper hand in the eyes of the Blues boss. He is expected to be a player who has all the elements to contribute to the development of new strategies for the Blues in the upcoming matches. 

Here is the information about this bright Spanish player, stay tuned!

Full nameMarc Cucurella Saseta
Date of birth22 July 1998
Age24 years old (as of July 2022)
Place of birthAlella, Spain
Height in centimeters172
Weight in kilograms66

So now, let’s get details about Marc Cucurella transfer to Chelsea!

Marc Cucurella transfer news to Chelsea

Marc Cucurella transfer news

  • From: Brighton to Chelsea
  • Contract: 6 years (2022-2028)
  • Cucurella transfer fee: £63 million

Chelsea signed Marc Cucurella from Brighton on a six-year deal. The transfer fee is worth £63 million. Honestly, the Spaniard is one of the record signings of Chelsea this summer.

The young star also made an impression with a “cool” hair-shattering haircut. Cucurella officially becomes a part of Chelsea players for the next 6 years after completing the deal. 

Marc Cucurella will earn £9,100,000 in annual salary and £175,000 weekly at Chelsea.

Although Brighton became nostalgic during the summer transfer window of 2022, it has marked the progress of the talented defender in the Premier League. Of course, the presence of Cucurella along with various transfer fees requires him to perform well when playing for The Blues in the era.

Especially, Thomas Tuchel’s coach is extremely interested in Cucurell’s transfer. Answering the news, he had awesome words for the talented defender:

The paperwork for the transfer is being processed. I can only say that Marc is an outstanding player when he can play in several positions in our system“.

As for the Chelsea defender, he cherishes the opportunity to play for Chelsea at the moment. Transfer news was a highlight of his start to the team. He happily shared:

I am really happy. This is a great opportunity for me to join one of the top clubs in the world. I will try to train and work hard to help the team“.



Before Chelsea

Due to his professional prowess, Marc has made a deep impression on fans during his career with the following clubs.

  • Young player career: Espanyol (2006–2012); Barcelona (2012–2017)
  • Professional player career: Barcelona (2016-2020); Eibar (2018-2019); Getafe (2020-2021); Brighton & Hove Albion; Brighton & Hove Albion (2021–2022); Chelsea (2022)
  • National team: Spain U16 (2014); Spain U17 (2014–2015); Spain U19 (2016–2017); Catalunya (2019); Spain U21 (2019–2021); Spain U23 (2021); Spain ( 2021 to date)

Indeed, young talent transferred to Chelsea matures from the early days of his career. Marc Cucurella always gives his best effort at every opportunity. The peak was the main position of a defender when he was a player for the famous club Brighton & Hove Albion. 

Achievements and individual awards


In addition to his unique football style, Cucurella also left an impression with outstanding achievements:

  • Spain Olympic Team: 1x Olympics participant
  • FC Barcelona: 1x Spanish cup winner
  • Spain U23: Summer Olympic silver medal (2020)
  • Individual: Brighton & Hove Albion Players’ player of the Season (2021/22); Brighton & Hove Albion Player of the Season (2021/22)

Cucurella style of play

Is this enormous 24-year-old transfer fee worth it for the Blues and what will his value in the squad look like? These are the doubts of Chelsea fans when they learn about Marc Cucurella transfer news. You will have a more objective view of the young defender’s ability through his playing style.

When it comes to Cucurella, the new rookie of the Blues, three words describe him: sharp, decisive, and full of energy. He has a progressive advantage in his journey to the top of his career. Transferred to Chelsea, the Spain player promises to leave outstanding performances with a high rate of pressing the ball. Moreover, this transfer is a good opportunity for Cucurella to prove his strength when playing in the championship club in London. This contributes to removing doubts in the initial transfer news. 

In the Stamford Bridge club, he is a warrior who quickly adapts to the tactics of playing in left-back, and left midfielder positions in the Premier League. Undoubtedly, Cucurella is said to be the right transfer for the squad under coach Thomas Tuchel in the 2022/23 season.

The article above discussed Marc Cucurella transfer news. If you are interested in this new defender as well as the other Chelsea players, please follow our other articles at Chelseafcplayers.


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