Marcos Alonso Chelsea

Marcos Alonso Chelsea: The multi-talented defender

Marcos Alonso Chelsea is a Spanish professional footballer who plays in the English Premier League. The process of growing up in his football career also went through many circumstances. But now the footballer has a key role to play in Chelsea’s tactics.

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Marcos Alonso Profile

The player is part of a family with three generations of football tradition. This is a solid foundation that has given him awareness and passion since childhood. It’s not hard for Alonso to become a famous player with such a long training journey.

Here’s some general information about him.

Marcos Alonso chelsea

Full name Marcos Alonso Mendoza
Date of birth28 December 1990
Age32 (up to 2022)
Height1.89 m
Weight84 kg

Marcos Alonso Age and Position

The player was born in 1990. So he will turn 32 this year.

Alonso plays as a defender on the left side of the Chelsea corridor. Although he isn’t Chelsea best defender, his ball-handling techniques show that Alonso can replace the attacking players to score goals for the Blues whenever they are in a deadlock.

How tall is Alonso?

Marcus Alonso height is 1.89m making him one of the tallest players in The Blue squad. His weight is 85 kg.

There is no doubt that the height advantage helps him a lot in creating an incredibly successful career.

Alonso Salary, Net worth, Contract, and Transfer fee

Net worth$24 million
Salary per week£100,000
Salary per year£5,200,000
Market value$15.8 million
Transfer fee$29.6 million

Marcos Alonso salary per week is around $123k and the $6.4 million annually at the Blues. According to sources, his net worth is about $24M this year.

When it comes to the transfer fee, the Blues had to pay about $29.6M for the left-back following his impressive record in Italy. As a result, he signed a five-year contract with the London-based side and made his first debut against Leicester City in a League Cup.

The player career

marcos alonso news

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Before Chelsea

  • Real Madrid (1999-2010) 
  • Bolton Wanderers (2010-2013) 
  • Fiorentina (2013-2016) 
  • Sunderland (2014, loan) 

In Chelsea (2016-2022)

In 2016, the defender left an indelible mark on the Blues fans during his first season at Stamford Bridge. The result was 6 goals and 3 assists. This contributed significantly to locating his talent and helping the English club to win the Premier League title that season. His talent is truly worth what the club has spent to have him in their squad.

Achievements and individual awards

With impressive ability, the player has also won numerous personal achievements at the Blues.

  • Sunderland: Football League Cup: Runner-up 2013/14
  • Fiorentina: Coppa Italia: Runner-up 2013/14
  • The Blue: Premier League (2016/17); FA Cup (2017/18); UEFA Europa League(2018/19); UEFA Champions League (2020/21); UEFA Super Cup 2021
  • International: UEFA Nations League runner-up 2020/21

He is recognized for his talent in big matches. His achievements always attract praise from the media. 

Marcos Alonso Stats

Marcos Alonso stats

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Marcos Alonso Chelsea News and Rumors

Transfer news

The Spanish defender’s contract with the Blues will end in 2023. Perhaps, he also has directions and plans for the future. Valencia and Atletico Madrid are the teams that are targeting this player.

In addition, the Atletico Madrid club set a target for The Blue’s defenders. Marcos Alonso Chelsea is also recognized as one of the best left-backs in the Premier League. He has the advantage of attacking the defense very smoothly. Atletico Madrid is very willing with the price of 50 million euros for this deal.

Faced with a dilemma, perhaps Alonso will soon come to the Chelsea Board of Directors to express his desire to leave the club. He wants to develop more and score more achievements on the pitch with the main role instead of having to sit in the stadium suffering in important matches. However, Alonso can not leave the Blues, because the club is receiving a transfer ban.

Updated: On Sep 1, 2022, Marcos Alonso left The Blue, ending a six-year association with the club, and reached a new agreement with Barcelona on a free transfer until 2023.

Alonso Family

He was born in a family where his father and grandfather both played professional soccer.

Alonso’s father is Peña, who played for Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. However, unlike his predecessors, Marcos has spent most of his career outside of Spain.

Alonso News and Rumors

Who is Marcos Alonso girlfriend?

The Spanish defender’s rumored girlfriend is also a mystery. In some information, Alonso is currently single. However, If you are a true fan, you may know the rumor related to “Stephania Stegman Marcos Alonso“. According to sources, Stephania Stegman is Alonso’s gỉlfriend.

Stegman is a Paraguayan supermodel and a former Miss Supranational, having been crowned in 2015. They got to know each other in 2020 and had a period of intense love.

Marcos Alonso Murder When Driving

On 2 May 2011, Alonso was taken into custody after being involved in a car crash in Madrid. He drove an MBW car into a rock wall. Probably Alonso until the last moment of his life when the girl he loved passed away at the age of 22. After that, he is accused of having exceeded the alcohol limit while driving a car.

The playing style

The Blues defender takes the position of left-back play. This player has the advantage of speed. This defender can make good use of his speed in difficult situations where it is necessary to guard against fast-wingers. Besides, he also owns top-notch technique and ball movement tricks.

The truth is, Alonso is a player with remarkable achievements and a football monument in the hearts of the fans. His performances are faithfully recorded and excellently.

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