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​​Top 5 Worst Chelsea Strikers Ever

The Blues have made many solid additions, but they’ve also brought in some absolute flops. Continue reading to discover the worst Chelsea strikers.

​​Chelsea’s attackers have had a difficult few years. This is because of Alvaro Morata’s impending departure from the team and Oliver Giroud’s lackluster goal-scoring. The club still has acquired some outstanding players. However, unlike Michael Ballack or Didier Drogba, not every athlete achieved legendary status. 

Today, let’s list out the top 5 worst Chelsea strikers.

​​Top 5 Worst Chelsea Strikers of all time

We have already had posts that talk about the Chelsea best defenders, and best Chelsea players… Today, let’s take a look at the list of former Chelsea strikers holding the title of worst strikers of all time!

5. Adrian Mutu

Worst Chelsea Strikers

Abramovich acquired Adrian Mutu in the 2003 summer transfer window for an eye-popping £15 million. He came from Parma in Italy, where he was a renowned goal scorer. He recorded 22 goals for the Italian team in 38 games.

Along with the legendary George Hagi, the former Chelsea striker holds the national team’s record for goals scored. Yet, his diversions and off-field reputation made him a flop at West London. 

He lacked discipline and had an extremely public argument with Jose Mourinho. Later, after being found guilty of cocaine consumption, he received a seven-month suspension from football and had to end his contract at Stamford Bridge.

The awful situation didn’t stop there, as the club decided to take Mutu to court for his expensive failure at the club. The Romanian had to reimburse the Blues for damages of £15.2 million.

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4. Radamel Falcao

the blues's forward

In the early 2010s, Radamel Falcao undoubtedly ranked among the most lethal attackers in the world. His time at Porto and later Atletico Madrid gave him numerous Europa League championships and solidified his image as a carefully planned predator.

With mesmerizing results, he destroyed the Blues’ defense at the UEFA Super Cup in 2012. He scored three goals as Atletico Madrid defeated the English club 4-1.

The forward moved to Monaco in 2013. In 2015, the man known as the “tiger” was no more than a domestic cat due to fitness, injuries, and form. AS Monaco decided to loan him away to avoid losing their star player due to poor performance.

The Blues took a chance by providing the Colombian with the number 9 jersey and arranging a loan for him. He hardly played during their terrible 2015–16 season, which saw Jose Mourinho fired with the team in 17th place before finishing 15th.

3. Alvaro Morata

Worst Chelsea strikers of all time

After Diego Costa, who was exceptional and had just won a Premier League championship, got harsh dismission by Antonio Conte, Morata joined the team in 2017. Alvaro Morata, a comparable but more dynamic and lanky target who excelled for Real Madrid before a difficult period for Juventus, was suggested to West London.

The club paid a player £60 million with the expectation that he would serve as a pillar for the following ten years. Many people had thought that he would succeed after a promising start.

Sadly, what they received in place of it was a feeble, insecure man who appeared to be entirely out of his element under their strain. Before going on loan to Atletico Madrid and never coming back, the Chelsea player only scored 24 goals.

So, although he wasn’t on the list of Chelsea worst signings at first, he was considered one of the worst players at Stamford Bridge.

2. Andriy Shevchenko

former forward at the blues

The acquisition of Andriy Shevchenko in 2006 seemed to be the ideal marquee move on paper. The football club, led by Jose Mourinho, was growing more ambitious and recruited one of the top strikers in Europe at the time.

Given that Mourinho had been emphatic about not having a voice in the £30 million transfer, things may have already begun to fall apart before he came.

Shevchenko’s terrible performance on the field, where he represented Dynamo Kyiv and AC Milan, didn’t work either. During his two years with the club, he only scored 22 goals.

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1. Fernando Torres

Worst Chelsea Strikers

It is difficult to label a player as a failure who has won the Champions League and Europa League. But it was evident that his ability and impact on the field were diminished by spectacular mistakes, a lack of confidence, and flimsy forward play.

According to the general perception, Torres was a massive failure at this squad, despite the praises. A player past his prime got transferred at the wrong moment.

The Blues acquired him in January 2011 with an astounding 50 million pounds. The striker, though, appeared to be a mere shadow of the proficient and fashionable striker who competed for Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. His four-year stay at this club, where he struggled with form and conditioning, caused him to lose confidence in his abilities.

Many football supporters viewed him as a burden who squandered clear-cut opportunities that his predecessor Didier Drogba thrived on. The high price tag was another incentive for managers to choose him for the team. At this point, the bench’s other possibilities seemed to be a better fit.


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